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Direcscape is an innovative software application that is like no other application
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31 August 2010

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Any day routine isn’t over without the use of computer system or any other digital application. Technology is embedded in our life and schedules so much so that is it almost impossible to imagine a single day without it. From entertainment and leisure to professional functioning, computer systems are omnipresent with their precision and accuracy in terms of varied processes. We literally thrive on this utility and the same requires us to store up large number of files and folders and operate through them suitably. Most of us use the Windows operating system with files located through the window are not too complex to handle; however a more simpler version like Direcscape has been launched that help the user in browsing through and organizing the files easily on the application interface.

Direcscape opens with a neatly arranged interface with the main options placed intuitively for easy navigation on the main screen. The intertwined links and files are systematically arranged on the light grey background displayed with blue ink for easy understanding. The application claims to work in a unique manner for managing files and folders and notes by providing easy access through enhancing the view of the directories. The notes and task tool, which can be utilized by assigning default notes to make their location easy and simple. The program works efficiently with Windows and provides a clear view of the directories stored in the system and helps in organizing files more effectually that would aid in better navigation and enhanced usage. The facility is recommended for computer system; though the common premise might not give anything new to offer.

To sum up, Direcscape is a useful and enhanced utility that facilitates managing of information and files easily with the help of direct links available; however gets a rating score of three points for its usability.

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Direcscape is an innovative software application that is like no other. While, most software file management programs look like Windows Explorer, Direcscape has a unique interface that improves access to files and documents by enhancing the view of the directories. In addition, the design incorporates a note and task feature. Each directory can be assigned a default note, while the task feature associates each task with a directory making finding information associated with each task quickly and intuitive. Try Direcscape today, and Direcscape will be one of your most used programs.
Version 2.5.3
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